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Firozstar's profile


  Full Name             :   Shaik Firoz Ahammad  

  Nick Name             :   Ajay  

  Date of Birth         :   23-DEC-1979  

  Studies               :   completed MCA  

  At Present            :   working as Systems Engineer for POLARIS

  Worked                :   Worked as Software Engineer for ACCENT(2yrs)

  Aim                   :   Become JAVA Programmer   

  Hobbies               :   Browsing,reading books  

  Bad Habbits           :   Cigar,Dropped now 

  Friends               :   Every person with humanity  

  Best Friends          :   Khaja,Naveen,Noor

  I Never Forget        :   every secon  spent with Sharmin  

  I love                :   My country,My parents  

  I hate                :   Muslim Girls(without Mask)   

  Food i like           :   Any food made by my mother  

  Place i like          :   Any Masque  

  Films i like          :   Dilwale,ISHQ and chiruNavvuto  

  Song i like           :   Mounamganey edagamani(Naa Autograph) 

  Color i like          :   Light Green  

  Quotes i like         :   "Winner never quits,Quitter never wins"  

                            "99% Failures=Success"  

  Favourite Actors      :   Ajay Dev Gan ,Rajani Kanth & Upendra  

  Favourite Actress     :   Gracy Singh  

  Favourite Book        :   Who will Cry when u die-Robin Sharma  

  Favourite website     :  

  Favourite cirketers   :   Yousuf Yohana,Dravid  

  Dream                 :   want to take snap with APJ Abdul Kalaam 

  Wife                  :   Would be a Good girl with The Quraan 

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